First off, an apology for being so absent recently. Life is certainly crazy at the moment, but I'm hoping that now all of the 'big things' are out of the way I can get back to blogging and relaunching the shop. If I am ever blessed with an hour of child-free time that is. 

Anyhoo, back to this house of ours. You might have noticed over on the ol' Pinterest that I've created something of a bathroom themed mood-board. While we're lucky enough to have a functioning bathroom suite, the room is lacking a door, finished walls, actual walls in places, and mountains of builders dust that seem to defeat my hoover at every step. So, there's still some way to go. I think I know what I want - our suite is quite 'classic' (think roll-top bath), so I'd like to stick with a vintage-esque theme. Plus a few pops of colour, obviously, maybe in the form of some natty tiles. I do love a tile. 

Here is some of my favourite bathroom inspiration. Take a peek at Pinterest for more!