Vintage clothes for Autumn

We're embracing the change in the season here at Lori and the Caravan! Fret not though, there are plenty of summer dresses still available in case the weather does pick up next week. But for now, let's say hello to Autumn, my very favourite time of year. 

1960's green denim dungarees, 6-12 months, £15

1960's green floral print dress, 6-9 months, £12

1970's red denim dungarees, 6-12 months, £15

1960's dress, 0-6 months, £12

1970's blue dungarees, 18-24 months, £12

1960's blue floral patterned dress, 6-9 months, £12

*These items are genuine vintage. All sizes are approximate. Please check the item listing for detailed measurements.