Winter is coming

Is it just me, or is Autumn in the air? But ... it's still August! I'm not ready to dig out my cardies and tights yet, and I've barely put a dent into my Factor 50. Summer, you were a scorcher, please don't disappear just yet...

As ever, the Lori and the Caravan shop is well-stocked to meet your little vintage lover's needs as the weather begins to turn. Just take a look at these beauties...

1960's dress, approx. age 2-3 years, £12

1960's smock, approx. age 1-2 years, £12

1960's jacket, approx. age 12-18 months, £18

1970's denim jacket, approx. age 5-6 years, £18

1960's playsuit, approx. age 6-18 months, £12

Warmer, but stylish. It's the future. 

*All sizes are approximate. Please check the item listing for accurate measurements. 

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