Lori and the Caravan - the shop!

It's humid, wet, and stormy. You want to go out because the heat feels like summer, but the rain has you gazing mournfully at the grey sky from the window, wondering aloud if that's it for summer. 

Give yourself a moment. Have a cup of tea. Peruse the internet, after all it's cyber-acres and acres of information and inanity could have been made for moments like this, as you wait for the weather to pass from what is, to what you want it to be. 

Why not use this time to do a little bit of online shopping? Oh look - new items in the Lori and the Caravan shop

1940's polka-dot tea dress, approx. 2-3 years, £15.

1920's wooden truck, £18.

1940's checked tea dress, approx. 5-6 years, £15.

Rare and collectible Steiff Pluto, £25

*All sizings on vintage clothes are approximate. Please check the measurements in the listing.