The Vintage Garden

Summer is here ... somewhere ... I can't quite see it for the grey clouds and the rain lashing against the window. Never fear, here at Lori and the Caravan, we've captured a few snapshots of summer and matched them up with the summeriest of summer finds in the shop

All photographs were taken at Rodin's Garden, in Paris. Yes, Paris. Again. 

Rare Victorian dress, 6-12 months, £25.

1960's apron-style top, 0-6 months, £12

1960's style floral dress, 6-9 months, £12.


1930's playsuit, age 7-8 years (ish), £20. 

1950's floral smock, age 1-2 years, £12.

*All sizes are approximate. Please refer to the measurements in the item listing.