ZZZZZZZZ (the Sunday Funday Review)

Hold onto your sunglasses, put down the glass of Pimms that it's not quite warm enough to enjoy yet ... (but well done for trying), because yes, it's time for my weekly recap. I'm excited. You're excited. Everyone just calm down. 

It's a been a bit of a week, a week in which I have come to learn a thing or two. Numero 1: I can no longer exist on four hours sleep. But I'll come to that later. And 2: It is hard to run a website when alone with a child under the age of one. In related news, apologies for the occasional radio silence this week. Yes, my other half was off across the sea to a far off land (France), seeking treasure with which to make our fortune (he's an antiques dealer). He returned with an eight foot long replica tobacco pipe. True story. 

The boy and I actually had a really fun week. I think I'm a lot easier on myself when it's just me. I don't try and get everything done because, for once, I accept that I can't. And the sun shone down from the sky above. 


But even when I think I'm not looking, the vintage finds still keep on coming. I can't wait to show you my new finds in the shop next week. But, because I'm quite possibly one of the nicest people you'll never meet, here's a sneaky peak.... (I am actually quite nice though, so if you do ever see me around, please say hi). 

My vintage items of the week were pretty rad. You can check them out on the blog (yep, this one), and find them in the shop. But if I had to pick a fave? Well, how can you resist this guy? 

My other half returned from his adventure across the sea. We took the baby to a farm and stared at a field of sleeping Llamas because .. actually I have no reason for this. It's just something that happened. 

And lastly, I went out. And not only did I go out, but such happenings happened in a place that is far away. Yes, beloved blog readers. I had my first night away from my child. I dressed up. I drank gin. I danced. And I still woke up at 6.am because my internal body clock is annoyingly stubborn and that is my life now. 

Here's to a merry week ahead!